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Fuji T75G Gravity Spray Gun (5175G)
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Fuji T75G Gravity Spray Gun:

The T-Model, Turbine Spray Guns' ergonomic design offers the ultimate in flexibility and control.  The T-Model spray gun is 20% lighter than spray guns in its class, making it easier to maneuver and resulting in less fatigue on the operator.  The T-Model delivers an enhanced spray pattern for exceptional performance.  An excellent choice for any fine finish.

Key Features:

  • T-75G Gravity Feed - 600 cc cup
  • Side-mounted fan pattern control
  • Non-bleed turbine spray gun
  • Stay cool handle
  • Additional air cap sizes available: .8 mm - 2.5 mm
  • Stainless steel nozzle & needle

Key Benefits:

  • T-75G (gravity feed - 600 cc) centre-mounted gravity cup is more balanced and causes less stress on the operator
  • Side-mounted fan pattern control makes it easier to switch fan pattern, delivers precision application with less waste, allows for vertical, horizontal or circular applications, and can easily adjust from 1" circular to 15" oval pattern
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Non-bleed design stops air from passing through the spray gun when it's not in use
  • Disassembles easily for quick clean-up and maintenance
  • Stay cool handle - nylon coated handle always stays cool and provides a comfortable grip
  • Multiple air cap sizes allow for spraying of various materials in different viscosity levels from stains to latex paints to bath tub coatings, with little dilution
  • The stainless-steel fluid passages prevent wear on the needle tip, ideal for waterborne & solvent-based coatings
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