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Fuji Mid-Pressure Compressor Spray Gun (MPX-30)
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Fuji's Mid-Pressure Compressor Spray Gun:

The Fuji MPX-30 Spray Gun has been developed to fill the gap between conventional high pressure spray guns and HVLP, available in both gravity and siphon models.  Using only medium pressure (mp) levels similar to reduced pressure (rp) spray guns, the MPX-30 combines rapid application speed and higher transfer rates.  The MPX-30 is a general purpose spray gun perfect for any type of professional spray finishing. Versatile in terms of application and performance to handle all types of coatings. Designed for full system application: solvent-based basecoats, low VOC colors or clear coat.  Requires 13.8cfm @ 36psi.  

Key Features:

  • MPX-30 Technology combines rapid application and higher transfer efficiency
  • 100% stainless steel fluid passages suitable for water-borne and solvent-based coatings
  • Perfect for any type of professional spray finishing
  • Optimized air cap design results in soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization

Two Models Available:

  • Siphon Gun & Cup (6350S-MP-C-17K)
  • Siphon Gun (6350S-MP-N-17K)
  • Gravity Gun & Cup (6355G-MP-C-14K)
  • Gravity Gun (6355G-MP-N-14K)

Kit for Siphon = extra 1.4mm air cap set & pressure regulator included
Kit for Gravity = extra 1.3mm air cap set & pressure regulator included

Included in the box:

  • MPX-30 Spray Gun (Siphon or Gravity)
  • 600cc 1 Qt Siphon Cup or Nylon Gravity Cup
  • Extra air cap set
  • High Pressure Regulator Gauge
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual

MPX Technology versus HVLP:

To qualify as HVLP, air flowing through the Air Cap must not exceed 10 psi. Generally speaking, the much lower velocity produces a softer, easier to control spray. This allows you to lay the paint on gently and not blast it on. Fuji MPX Technology utilizes slightly more pressure than HVLP spray guns, achieving much faster application speed and higher atomization levels. The Transfer efficiency rate is in excess of 65% and the quality of finish is equivalent to the best high-pressure spray finishes.

See the MPX-30 in action here!

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