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Can I Spray Walls & Ceilings with Fuji HVLP?
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Can I Spray Walls & Ceilings with Fuji HVLP?

Yes you can! If your main purpose in buying an HVLP system is to paint walls with latex, then you should know that you will have to thin the paint. Some professionals prefer not to do that, but this shouldn't deter you. Although its primary purpose is a fine finish, Fuji HVLP Turbine Systems have been used by thousands of people to spray walls and ceilings with latex and they are extremely happy with the result.

For walls and ceilings our recommendation is that you use a larger needle and nozzle combination for greater coverage.

The Aircap set recommended is as follows:

Fuji XPC Spraygun - #6 Part # 8050-6 (2.2mm) Mini-Mite, Super, Q-series

Fuji M-Model Spraygun - #6 Part # 7020-6 (2.0mm) Semi-PRO series

Our suggestion is to select the option of a larger cup such as a 1 quart (1000cc) cup. Even though a 1 quart cup will still need to be filled a few times depending on the size of the surface, our opinion is that it is still much quicker than rolling because with the roller you constantly have to add paint to the roller - this takes a lot of time and you do it often. When spraying a large surface it's a good idea to buy a couple extra one quart cups, and when thinning you can prepare the paint in these additional cups in the same way as the original. It becomes very simple to switch cups and continue spraying without much time wasted at all.

Since you will be using a larger Aircap setup (#6) you can expect some texture (though not as much as with a roller). Texture can be minimized by thinning your paint with water as well as using a retarder such as Floetrol. A little texture on walls is totally acceptable.

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