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Where Should I Place My Fuji Turbine?
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Where Should I Place My Fuji Turbine?

The best place is on the floor at least 20ft away from the spray area. Your Turbine should last 10 years or more with normal use (3 - 4 times a week for a few hours at a time). For occasional use it will last much longer. However, there are certain conditions that can cause premature burnout with any turbine.

1) Do not place the Turbine up high off the floor.

The Turbine is better placed on the floor. The reason for this is that it allows the Hose to come straight out from the Turbine and the air to flow unrestricted. If the Turbine is elevated, the Hose bends down towards the floor causing some back-pressure at the bend. Even with high pressure this type of thing is a cause for pressure loss, but it is even more important with very low pressures. You may get 6psi out but 1 psi back. The Motor will overwork and overheat.

Another reason for not placing the Turbine up high is that where the Hose reaches the floor it will bend and flatten (due to the weight of the Hose). This may cause some restriction.

2) Do not place the Turbine in a box.

This sounds like a great idea to reduce noise and keep the Turbine away from shop dust. Unfortunately, our experience shows that the Turbine will overheat. If the Turbine case is covered, then the hot air released from the Bents (from the Cooling Fan and Bleeder in the Manifold) will be re-circulated and drawn in through the Filter and into the Motor Housing. This pre-heated air will cause overheating and prematurely damage the Motor. The Fuji Turbines are sealed to the outside air. This design ensures that only ambient air can enter the Turbine. But placing the Turbine in a box circumvents this design

3) Do not place the Turbine in the next room - unless.

This sounds pretty innocuous and sometimes is. If it's in the next room it's away from fumes, overspray and the noise level is less etc. But if the Hose is passing through a hole in the wall traveling over a baseboard, where the Hose sits on the bottom of that hole it will flatten out and cause blowback into the Motor. The result will be overheating. So if you intend to do this, at least bore the hole through the wall at ground level or have the Bend Restrictor portion of the hose poking through the wall to prevent flattening. Another way is to use a Metal Conduit going through the wall and attach the standard Hose to this conduit in the spray room and attach a shorter Hose from the Turbine to the conduit in the other room.

Another reason why the ?next room' is sometimes not a good idea is that we have heard from some end users that they don't turn off the Turbine at all because it's ?out of sight, out of mind'. Well, it's best to remember that the ?Turbine', from any HVLP maker, is simply a high-powered Vacuum Cleaner Motor. It's not good to leave any Vacuum Cleaner on for hours when it's not in use.

A better idea may be to install a wireless switch so that the Turbine can be turned on and off remotely (when filling the can with paint for instance).

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