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Fuji Bottom Feed vs Gravity Spray Gun
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What is the difference between the Fuji XPC Bottom Feed Spray Gun vs Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun?

The preference between the Fuji XPC Bottom Feed spray gun and the Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun is a personal choice. Always remember that the performance of the finish would be identical.

The Fuji XPC bottom feed spray gun is equipped with a 1Qt. Cup. It can hold more material and is great for larger projects whereas the Fuji XPC gravity spray gun has a smaller profile. It has a 400cc side mounted cup with a stand and holds just under half as much paint. This would be great for smaller jobs and getting into tighter places.

Below are common questions we have heard in the past that may help you decide which spray gun is best for you..

  • I am confused about if I should get the siphon or gravity feed spray gun. I will mostly be using it to spray cabinets and furniture and doors. What do you recommend?


Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun would be the best choice for the applications that you are describing.The gravity gun has a smaller profile which makes it easier to get in close and spray in those tight spots that cabinets and furniture tend to have. The cup can be positioned forwards or backwards in order to better accommodate the angle that you are spraying at.

  • I will be spraying 4 bookshelves and then also some part time projects in my garage this summer. Should I choose a spray gun with the cup at the top or the bottom?


Once again the Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun would be the best choice for the applications that you are describing since it is smaller which makes it easier to get into corners and those hard to access areas that many bookshelves will have. If you plan on tackling larger projects in the future and feel the need to use a larger cup, this can easily be accomplished. There is an adapter available that would allow you to use a 1 quart bottom feed cup assembly. This would double the paint capacity of your gun.

  • We have decided to purchase the Mini-Mite 4 to spray paint 2 bedrooms in our house. What is the benefit of choosing the Fuji Spray Bottom Feed XPC over Fuji XPC Gravity Spray Gun?


Fuji Spray Bottom Feed Gun would be the best choice for this application. It has twice the paint capacity compared to the gravity feed gun. This allows you to work longer with fewer stops in order to refill the cup with paint. You also have the option of purchasing a couple of additional cups (part # 2041), and lids (part # 9903-3). You could fill several cups with pre-mixed paint in order to speed the job up. Once one cup is empty, turn the turbine off and replace the empty cup with one of the pre-mixed full cups.

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