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Fuji Spray 3M PPS 2.0 Adapters
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Fuji Spray 3M PPS 2.0 Adapters:

The 3M PPS system offers great versatility with the Fuji Spray guns.  It allows spraying in any direction, straight up, sideways, etc.

Select appropriate adaptor for your Fuji Spray gun from drop-down menu.

  • S2 Adapter MMM26003 (with MPX-30 Gravity, LX-20 Gravity, 5175G)
  • S15 Adapter MMM26046 (with MP-V8, H-V8)
  • S18 Adapter MMM26054 (with MPX-30 Siphon, LX-20 Pressure, 5070)
  • S24 Adapter MMM26110 (with 9600-G)
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